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What We’re All About

The history of the Kentuckiana Soccer Officials Association (KSOA) runs in tandem with the Kentucky High School Athletic Association. The first soccer tournament and win/loss totals were recorded in 1972. The KSOA, established in 1985, has worked alongside the KHSAA throughout as various levels of soccer were implemented within Louisville and the state of Kentucky. The KSOA was founded with the objective of standardizing and maintaining soccer officiating within the state. Leadership has changed several times throughout the lifetime of the organization. Leadership roles are elected every two years. A new President, President-elect/Vice President, and Treasurer are elected on the odd years and Secretary are elected on the even years. The current by-laws and constitution were reviewed in 2006 and again in 2023 based on the previous KSOA by-law editions. The overall philosophy and vision of the KSOA has remained unchanged as they facilitate and manage officiating.

The purpose of the Kentucky Soccer Officials Association is to serve as a point of contact and facilitator for registered soccer officials at all levels. The KSOA Constitution states the objective is to “provide qualified officials of high integrity to officiate and control soccer games at all levels, and to promote the interchange of knowledge relating to the game of soccer.”  The organization provides a variety of information to registered officials including current rules, rule changes, by-laws, meeting minutes/dates, etc. The organization also provides public information for non-registered officials including a registration process for becoming a new official, rules clinics, KSOA membership registration, etc. KSOA holds regularly scheduled meetings with members in which presentations are given to meet the organization’s objectives of providing quality officials and promoting the interchange of soccer related knowledge. The association also recruits and trains soccer officials to provide “uniformity of rule interpretation.” The organization essentially serves as an information hub, an association to disseminate and gather all information relating to soccer officiating at all levels within the state of Kentucky.

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